Helpful Links



    A budget calculator and interactive financial education information are available to students along with access to an online dashboard for tracking loan and repayment options.

    360 Degrees of Financial Literacy (American Institute of CPAs)

    A compilation of tools to help Americans understand their personal finances and develop money management skills including a basic financial calculator, college savings calculator, and links to additional information about financial aid.

    American Student Assistance

    Students and families can access loan repayment counseling information along with an email payment reminder system, income-based repayment calculator, and deferment calculator.


    Customizable websites about money management and other financial skills are available to institutions interested in promoting and enhancing the financial literacy of their students. 

    Institute for Broadening Participation (IBP)

    Tools and resources to increase access to STEM education, funding, and careers, with special emphasis on diverse underrepresented groups. 

    The Love Your Money program

    Money management tools available to students include online courses, social networking sites, and step-by-step coverage of various topics (including building wealth, budgets, setting goals, credit cards, debt, 401k programs, and identity theft).


    Financial information from multiple accounts is gathered together in one place so users can view balances and transactions together on their computer or portable device. 

    Money 101

    This website provides free financial education tools including webinars, a scholarship finder, aid estimator, and financial aid step-by-step assistance.


    Free online courses are available to help students and their families learn how to plan for the costs of higher education and gain money management skills.


    A U.S. government website dedicated to financial education on matters such as buying a home, balancing a checkbook, and investing in retirement. Tools include calculators, worksheets, and checklists.

    Paying for College (Consumer Financial Protection Bureau)

    This website provides information about making informed financial decisions concerning paying for college. Tools help users compare financial aid and college costs, identify the best loan, manage college money, and repay student debt. offers a free online service that allows student loan borrowers to manage all of their student loans on one website, whether the loans are from the government, private institutions or both.



    College Navigator (National Center for Education Statistics)

    This resource allows users to browse institutions based on factors such as state, level of award, institution type, and tuition and fees.  Links to FAFSA and student loans is also provided.

    From Hard Times to Better Times College Majors, Unemployment, and Earnings

    This article explores some of the factors that current and future college students should consider because of the unemployment rate and recent economic challenges.

    College InSight (Institute for College Access & Success)

    This website allows researchers and the public to browse and compare information about affordability, diversity, and student success through the creation tables based on specific variables including college, state, type of school, and topics of interest.

    The Project on Student Debt (Institute for College Access & Success)      

    This project identifies cost-effective solutions that expand educational opportunities, protects family financial security, and advances economic competitiveness given that loans play a critical role in making college possible.